TheHighestRefback Introduce

What is TheHighestRefback?

The service is owned and managed by expirienced administrator which is working on PTC world since 2009. The idea is to pay members the highest as possible refback to attract them to join in our downline and stay active. This way together we can earn fast minimum to payout at many sites, before they gone ( will get scam ). Right now we have 11 websites in our offer.

How much can I earn?

All members earn 90% of money earned for their upline ( Admin of ) We offer sites like PTC, Revenue share, other similar .

What is Refback?

It is very simple. First of all you need to know what is referral - it is person that use special referral link to join paid to click or any other get paid to programs . When you use our special link you are now our referral. It means that we earn some percentage of your earnings in paid to click programs. Now while you know what is referral we could move ahead and find out what it is refback. As you already know we get some percentage of your earnings in paid to click programs and we want pay you back this money, yes you are right we want give you back money that your earn for us. Isn't it great? You made something that you already do - click in ptc programs, or invest on Revshares and now you get extra earnings just because you joined using our reflink.

How to start?

First of all you must create account in our service. In order to do it please visit this link: Register - here you could find simple form that you must fill. When you do it simply check the box that you accept our Terms of Service and press Register button. Congratulations now you just need confirm you account and you could start earning with us.

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